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1-All Rents, including water and other charges will be invoiced in August and must be paid by the end of September for the year commencing 1st September.


2-If rent is not paid by the end of September, the plot will be considered to be immediately vacant and may be re-let by the committee. Any shed, structure, tools left by the plot holder will be considered as not required and the committee may dismantle, store or dispose as they see fit. Likewise, any fruit, vegetables or flowers will be considered as not required and will be removed as the committee sees fit.


3-If a member wishes to give up a plot, he/she must give 12 months’ notice or pay 12 months’ rent in lieu of notice.


4-No plot holder may sublet all or part of any plot, either free or for rent.


5-All plot holders must display the number of their plot.


6-All plot holders are responsible for keeping any hedge, ditch, and path or track way adjoining their plot in a clean and tidy condition and in good repair.


7-No rubbish may be dumped anywhere on the site.


8-Sheds may be erected (subject to the approval of the committee) on the plots for the storage of tools and equipment only and must be kept in good repair. Any hard materials used as shed bases or paths must be removed from the site if the member vacates the plot. The committee must be consulted before any structure is erected on any plot.


9-All sheds or other structures must be removed when a plot is vacated unless the committee agrees that they can be left for the benefit for the benefit of the new plot holder, and the plot must be left clean, level and free from rubbish. Any shed or other structure that is not removed when the plot is vacated will be considered as not required by the plot holder and the committee may dismantle, store or dispose as they see fit. Likewise, any fruit, vegetables or flowers will be considered as not required and will be removed as the committee sees fit.


10-The Association may charge plot holders for the removal of rubbish and cleaning the plot.


11-No livestock may be kept on the plots and no dogs are allowed unless on a leash.


12-All plot holders shall pay a water charge as a contribution to having mains water on the site.


13-All plot holders shall pay an insurance charge as a contribution to third party liability insurance – see rule 17.


14-No hosepipes may be used under any circumstances.


15-The water supply to the site will normally be turned off during the winter months to prevent loss of water due to frost damage.

Winter dates will normally be November 1 to April 1. Storage tanks and baths can be filled as required during winter by arrangement with the committee. Members who cause any leaks may be charged for any loss of water.


16-All plot holders will be provided with a key to the main gate. Members will be charged for keys and refunded when vacating the site. The gate must be locked when leaving the site. If barriers are removed for vehicle access to plots they should be put back in place when leaving. Plot holders must not take vehicles along the tracks when conditions are wet.


17-Members must keep their plots clean and tidy. They should only use sprays on windless days. Bonfires are allowed provided notice is taken of wind conditions to avoid any nuisance to housing or other plots Note – Bonfires are not covered by our third party insurance liability. The individual member is liable for any bonfire they light.


18-No trading or other business to be carried out on the site.


19-The committee may inspect the plots at any time and give notice in writing to rectify any breaches of the rules or the committee may serve notice to quit.


20-In any matter arising from these rules, the committee’s decision is final. All requests and complaints should be put in writing and given/sent to a committee member.


21-Only the Landlord or his agent can overrule the committee.


22-The committee shall be elected for one year at an Annual General Meeting. The committee shall meet monthly, April to October and additionally when required due to matters arising.

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