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Southam Produce Association - About us


Southam Produce Association (SPA) is a friendly and welcoming allotment association, managed by a team of volunteers.  We provide Southam residents with very affordable plots of land, for the purpose of growing their own produce.


We currently have more than 70 members, very representative of our local community. Old and young, male and female, novice gardeners, as well as those with years of experience.


New members are always welcome.  If you would like a plot of your own, please contact us through our web-site.  A plot may not be immediately available, however we will be happy to put you on our waiting list.


Along with the payment of their annual rent, members must commit to keeping their plots regularly  cultivated.


  • Typically, new members will be offered a ‘quarter-plot’ (approximately 150m2) to allow them to acquire the skills and working knowledge of how to manage their ground.

  •  Annual rents for quarter plots are currently just £20 per year.

  • For those who have proven to be keen and able to manage larger plots, ‘Half-plots’ (£25 per annum) and occasionally ‘full-plots’ (£35 per annum) periodically come available.


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